5 Safety Tips To Remember Before Opening Your Pool

When the warmer weather starts to come out and the snow begins to melt, pool owners start to get excited about opening up their pool! Swimming is one of the greatest pastimes to enjoy the beautiful weather and soak up the sun.


There’s nothing better than beating the heat by the pool! However, it’s important that when opening up the pool for the summer, we remind ourselves of the dangers that come with playing by the water and ensure that we are using the proper safety precautions to keep everyone safe.

To help you have a fun and safe summer by the pool, The Fisher Pool team put together a couple of safety tips to remember:

1. Pools of all sizes come with risks:
Regardless of the size of your pool, it comes with risks. PoolSafety.gov recommends that the same safety precautions be implemented no matter the size of your pool. Children especially need to be supervised at all times no matter the size of the pool they are playing in. This includes shallow or waiting areas of pools as well!

2. Keep calm and swim on:
Pools are a time for fun, but it’s important that things are kept under control to avoid injuries. Running and jumping around the pool area is dangerous for everyone. Because this area tends to be slippery, it has a higher risk for slips and falls. Someone could easily fall into the pool, unintentionally push a smaller child, or hit the pool deck. Keeping horseplay under control is an imperative duty around the pool area to keep everyone safe and keep the fun-filled day going!

3. 100% supervision:
It may seem like the most obvious pool safety tip however it is the most important. When smaller children are swimming your attention needs to be completely on them. It only takes a few seconds for a fatal situation to occur. This is a much shorter length of time then it takes to answer that phone call, change the clothes over, or check on dinner.

4. Have a first aid kit on hand:
Smaller injuries are bound to occur and having the proper first aid equipment on hand can help avoid bigger injuries from transpiring. Keep a first aid kit by your pool incase injuries occur. This will help everyone get back to having fun quickly!

5. Show guests the boundaries and rules:
When having new guests over to enjoy the pool, it’s important that you go over the pool area and the rules your family has set in place. For example, show them where the deeper parts of the pool are, where they’ll be able to touch, and the easiest way to the edges. It’s also important to make them aware of any “pool rules”. For example, no running, no diving, no yelling unless it’s an emergency.

When enjoying your pool this summer, keep these safety tips in mind to keep the fun going!

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TSGiM5 Safety Tips To Remember Before Opening Your Pool