Inground Pools


An inground pool can be one of the best forms of entertainment and a great solution for summertime fun. For families with children a pool is the ultimate way to dispel boredom during the hot summer days. The great thing about having an inground pool is that it can create a beautiful backyard hangout for swimmers and no swimmers alike.

Once you’re ready to turn your property into a backyard resort, things to determine will be a budget, what features you want, and a time frame; all these factors play a role in the type of inground pool you’re going to choose.

Type and Price

A pool is great to dangle your feet in, to enjoy the refreshing feel of water and cool off on hot summer’s day. The type of pool you’re going to purchase is key in the decision, whether it’s vinyl lined, fiberglass or a concrete pool.

Concrete pools offer the most design flexibility and unique features but are at the top of the price range, anywhere from $30 000+. Concrete is the go-to choice for large-scale designs, which is why the cost can get pretty high. Vinyl-lined pools are budget friendly and cost between $30 000-$35 000. These can have custom designs but liners must be replaced every 15 to 20 years. The plus side to liners is their resistance to algae and easy to clean!

Fiberglass pools have a smooth, low maintenance surface but their construction is different. They are built using molds and the price can be between $25 000+.

Design Possibilities

When planning on purchasing an inground pool, you should think about the theme, the shape and the features you would want to incorporate. Pool designs that are deck level, vanishing edges and multilevel can be achieved with the use of concrete and can be finished with colored plaster, fiberglass and even glass tile.

Vinyl-lined pools are the most versatile and have special features and you can achieve a high-end design with them as well. From waterfalls to grottos, you aren’t limited if you’re going with this type of pool. There are plenty of colors and patterns available when choosing a liner, which offers the ability to match with the theme of your backyard.

There are a wide variety of fiberglass pools available, although the molds are predetermined. Lap pools, vanishing edges and freeform shapes are just some of the choices available if you’re choosing this pool. Many molds come with corner spas; sun shelves, benches and loveseats, which can offer an even better look to your fiberglass pool.

It’s always best to match your pool design to the theme of your backyard. There should be harmony between your design and the look of your backyard to achieve the most amazing at home pool resort you’re looking for.

General Guidelines:

Freeform and curvilinear pools usually work best with a theme that is tropical, which can include rock waterfalls, while traditional pools use straight lines to achieve a formal look.

Contemporary designs use symmetry and uniform patterns that are often achieved with shapes of geometric nature.. Vanishing-edges can be incorporated into almost any theme; which offer breathtaking views when they are positioned in a cityscape, mountain range, or natural bodies of water.


All inground pools vary in their process of construction and the time required for each one is not the same.

Concrete Pool

·         Steel rebar is installed for framework

·         Cement is sprayed

·         Concrete needs to cured for a month before filling

·         Designs are customized, but can take several months


·         Assembly of steel, concrete or polymer form for walls

·         Bottom is covered with sand or concrete poured

·         Only takes a few weeks


·         The mold you select is lifted by crane and put into place

·         Can be installed in a week or less

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