Replacing Pool Liners

Pool liners can get leaky, wrinkled and damaged beyond repair, and replacing the liner is sometimes the only option to restore your swimming pool.


Most swimming pool liners are built to last, but they are not indestructible. Weather, time, and tearing are all factors that can cause leakage and destroy your liner. A leaky pool liner will drain water but also cause damage to the sides of the pool, which means more costs involved to repair.

Pool Draining

Your swimming pool must be drained so there are no other problems with the pool’s foundation. There will need to be proper pumping systems used to remove any water, even a few inches needs to be removed.

Pool Liner Removal

After draining the water, your current liner needs to be properly removed. It will need to be cut around the lights and skimmers and separated from the liner track. If you have a liner track made of aluminum it will need to be cleaned, if it’s made of plastic it may need to be replaced.

Repair and Cleaning

The pool will then need to be inspected for any damage that may need to be repaired. Cracks will need to be sealed and any other issues due to pool leakage will need to sanded down and fixed. The pool’s foundation must be cleaned of any dirt and debris, cleaned and vacuumed. The pool walls and floor must be completely clean before laying down the new liner.

Pool Liner Installation

You may need a team of people to complete the pool liner installation due to the size of most swimming pools. The new liner must be properly aligned to ensure it fits the shape of the pool. It will need to be fitted into the liner track and then vacuum fitted to ensure that there is an airtight seal before the pool can be refilled.

Professional Pool Liner Replacement by Fisher Pools

At Fisher Pools we provide top quality in our liner replacement and restoration products and procedures. Clients will come to us because of leaky liners and the only solution sometimes is a complete pool liner replacement. We can get rid of your old, faded liner and replace it with a new one to bring life to your pool.

All of our pool liners are made in Canada and come with a lifetime pro rated warranty. Liners are custom made for your pool and come in a variety of different patterns to suit anyone’s style and taste.

Fisher Pools provides free quotes by an experienced and informative pool technician. We will beat any reasonable quote and satisfaction is guaranteed. 

If you need your pool liner replaced by pool experts that are reliable, professional and affordable, contact us today!

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